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Nine Key Considerations When Selecting A Pavement Management System

Today you’ll find several companies that provide Pavement Management System (PMS) solutions, although the features and sophistication of the offerings vary widely. For example, some current PMS software vendors claim to provide pavement network optimization, but only one or two systems actually do. Most systems can only produce a priority list that delivers one-year budget plans. They do not provide tools for developing pavement network optimization plans that span multi-year periods or that can be used to optimize funding across both programs and asset types. While they often do meet the needs of many smaller agencies, their analytics are generally not sophisticated enough to meet the complex pavement network optimization requirements of larger agencies—like state DOTs..

The bottom line is that PMS software is not all the same. Features, functions, technologies and capabilities can vary considerably. A low cost solution that appears to hit all the check boxes may actually fall short in meeting your real world needs and end up costing more time and money in the long run.

Listed in the following pages are nine key considerations that decision makers should carefully review when selecting a PMS for their agency or organization.

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